Nuance Dance


Nuance of the vagaries,
promenades the vagrant dance,
beyond love there is seldom urgency,
searching for you, in uncertain glance.

Lights went down in the playhouse,
we sat silent on the edge of stages,
we searched along cello’s lonely trail,
our youth spent to endless ages.

Touch was tender by the night,
chosen heart throb called desire,
languishing waltz swept them along,
by top and tangle’s wire.

Please, oh please, you darling,
next to me, sense rising tide,
moments passed by earnestly,
kissed by beauty’s distant bride.

Images spill down mountain creeks,
swirling in fragrant cedar mist,
we grasp at straws to last till dawn,
our lives we will persist.

Take me now, just hold on,
climbing on the coaster track,
some clowns got killed, by the lions,
there is no going back.

Round by round paint brushes swoon,
looking for a place to land,
we’ve spent our moments, missed the cue,
the ballerinas left with the band.

Fires cascade, on the circus tent,
background for Cohen’s prose,
still as life, his lyric moan,
sorting realities, just suppose.



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