Wazubee Cafe Window


Vacant smile lost wig
bicycle no-mad
injured smirk
work woman #1
work woman #2
move along
retired scared
possible hurt
black new
hip hop
rug hair
pony tale
owe-me frown
been around
no style
beyond category
classless poverty
she OK
leopard rings
young mom
shocked alive
glittering broke
goat T hair
hip square
look for place
dignified grace
out of space
couple 1
single one
tragic bum
sunglassed ton
on the run
vacant stare
native moon
orange hair
I don’t care
skin head glare
couple 2 plus 2
train of kids
sexual skids
where’s a lid
fuck up kid
icy grill
looks might kill
who owes me
I owe you
I took pills
geezer baret
surprising smile
sniffy guile
later and after a while
immigrant charmed
tank alarmed
shiver snear
orange pop
four coloured moms
short straight queer
motorcycle gauntlets
asian dears
bowed but proud
2 allowed
chances grate
don’t hesitate
I can spit
I could shit
young with zit
short cut thrill


next time around
grab my bill




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