Running Run-on Sentence

Memory and Minced Words for Samuel Johnson
1709 – 1784


Beyond Shakespeare,
in a grasp of philosophy,
poetry, politics, culture,
sociology, art, and architecture,
waltzed by the texture of nuance
and grandeur of the written word,
embroidered into the mosaic of profound meaning,
luxurious visions,
deep, deep, very deep provocations
of human thought, human condition, and connection,
invoking sanctuary, dreams, tears,
blood of the truism of grand and brilliant knowledge,
a curse and net of sorry worth,
the wholly scriptures of ancient atheists,
the scope of painted seen,
the need and want of fancy flights,
love’s whims, imaginations of reattachments,
held by tentacles of implications,
sentiments of poetic gesture,
wrapped in clothes upon tender bodkins
of men and women of cottages and palaces of love
parlayed beyond the scorn of myth,
in the depths of calamity attempting to find reason
and the height of reason confronting calamity,
squandering about in the borders of contradictions,
the universe and other trifles.


2 thoughts on “Running Run-on Sentence

  1. ” But the novelty of sudden wonder, which sends us all in quest, is soon exhausted and the mind can only repose on the stability of truth.” Samuel Johnson, LLD, “Preface to Shakespeare”

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