Underneath All Underneath


Rented clinker
putted along Coal Harbour

(heaving on the waves of tears)

Last tram
to Marpole fish docks

(sobbing on the tracks to yesterday)

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Alien T.V.


X punk rockers and hippies,
roma sports t.v. bar,
double Irish Whiskey,
could sing the distance far.

Dylan’s wicked world outside,
smiling and a drinking,
trying to turn the sadden tide,
events moving doom and thinking.

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Waltzing, Meandering, Spinning Home

Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 12-3.25.13 AM

Through the active pass,
ferries carry, bound for shores,
we arbitrate, mediate, ponder, condone,
beyond our home,
the madness of paradigms,
idling without engagement,
the luxury or loneliness of estrangement,
exploring the available context,
neither the salmon nor the whale,
ancients along steeping trail,
train upon iron rail,
afternoon with nightingale.

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