Why Poetry?

Why Poetry ? Why Poetry you Ask.

Save yourself, from the anguish of an ordinary life, filled with hypocrisy,

protect yourself, from bad jokes, mistaken turns, blind chaos, many sad returns,

wasted minutes, hours, daze,

spoiled vegetables, ignored in the crisper,

quiet noise, loud voices, tight brains,

broken hearts, hoarded gold, selfish deeds, blank stares,

missing hugs,

late forgiveness,

bad habits, short comings,

rude awakenings, dark forebodings, cheap shots,

never sent cards,

misplaced modifiers,

broken dreams, spent chances, tight corners, blind alleys, dusty roads,

and cold feet.

why poetry?


because this is the test,

read twice or more,

do not be dismissive, flippant, condescending,

or too busy or bent up inside, a pretentious posture,

why poetry?


because you might have something…

you listen to me, I listen to you,

we find each other.